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The company is in a good position, it has a patent for ...” Such or similar sentences can frequently be read in the business press, why? A patent is a monopoly right which gives the proprietor of the patent a right that only the proprietor may use the invention protected by the patent. The proprietor can also decide to grant a licence to the patent to a third party and receive income for this in the form of licence fees.

It is worth applying for a patent?

You have made an invention and are toying with the idea of a patent application. Is it worth going down this route? With my knowledge and experience from more than 20 years of professional activity as a patent attorney located in Munich, I can assist and support you with this question.

Apply for a patent with the assistance of an experienced patent attorney

As your patent attorney I provide you with

  • the necessary transparency in the search process and
  • the official examination of the patent application on your way to the granted patent and
  • take care of the patent even after granting in the defence against possibly
  • an opposition or an annulment proceedings. 

The patent application - its content - accompanies the property right and determines the quality of the patent right. It should always be attempted to make the essence of the invention into the patent right; unnecessary features in the patent claims can do more harm than good here. A great deal of consideration must therefore be paid to the preparation of the patent claims. Here my extensive experience gained over many years can be a major advantage to you. Naturally this also incurs costs but not applying for a patent for an invention can be much more expensive, since an invention not protected by a special property right - such as the patent right is - can basically be freely utilized.

The development of a new technology - for example from the broad field of mechanical engineering - is frequently associated with great expense - a patent right can also help to protect these investments.


Picture left: V2 Motorcycle engine

Picture right: motorcycle with air filter element integrated in the fuel tank

The patent application therefore forms the fundamental basis for the success of actually obtaining a patent which does justice to the invention.





Patent - whether this be in Germany, in the European Union or abroad outside the EU 

 Deutsches Patentamt
German Patent Office in
Zweibrückenstraße in Munich
Europäisches Patentamt in München

European Patent Office in
the centre of Munich


There are several possibilities for protecting an invention by a patent, which can be sought out according to the particular requirement. Patent protection for Germany is possible by a German Patent, protection for the invention in the European Union can be achieved by a  European Patent and it is also possible to obtain protection for the invention by patents based on an International Patent Application for other countries outside Europe.



The official examination process

Following preparation of the patent application, the application must pass through the official examination process and if it emerges here that an essential aspect of the invention has not been adequately included in the application, this can be a disadvantage since once the application has been filed at the Patent Office, nothing can be added to it. The patent right creates the bridge from the idea about the invention to an economically valuable property right.

I work out in conversation with the applicant, that is, you, which type of application is the correct one. Please contact me.


Here you can find two examples of my procedure for building up patent protection for my clients.


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References of our clients

German and European Patent Attorney Mr. Udo Söllner has represented me most professionally and at a reasonable price when registering my new European Community trademark "MAZERO".

- Marion Zeller

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