Protect with a utility model

Picture: drive motor of a small-parts device
(conveying technology)

The utility model protects the technical features of an invention similarly to the patent which has the result that a utility model and a patent are frequently similar in structure. The protection requirements of the utility model are also similar to those of the patent. The utility model is therefore frequently designated as the small patent although there are significant differences from the patent.

The starting point for a utility model is frequently the desire to obtain protection for an invention so that others cannot simple imitate “my invention”.

My offer of advice as patent attorney on utility model protection

The question as to whether the route via a utility model is the correct one must first be worked out. I prepare an answer to this question in conversation with the applicant, that is, you. 

The utility model right

The utility model right gives the proprietor of the utility model the right to prevent third parties from using the protected invention. As a first step in the direction of a utility model, the invention must be worked out precisely, in particular a great deal of care must be paid to the formulation of the protective claims. This is because the utility model

  • will be registered in the version and form filed at the patent office and
  • does not go through any factual examination process before the patent office
  • possesses a scope of protection stipulated by the protective claims
  • is a property right which can be achieved  very quickly

Apply for a utility model

However applying for a utility model correctly requires a large amount of experience and knowledge in handling this property right. Before drawing up the application, a search of the prior art must be made and evaluating this again requires a large amount of technical knowledge.

Examples of utility model protection 

In all these matters I am at your disposal with many years of experience. And I clarify together with you what costs will be incurred for the search and the application before the costs arise so that you know what you must expect.

Here you can find an example of my procedure to provide protection for my clients through a utility model.

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