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patlectorFor more than 20 years I have been heading up an international operating patent agent's office which is located in the Bavarian capital Munich - close to the European and German Patent Office.  Here you will find assistance and advice of an attorney among other things for the protection and enforcement of your industrial property rights

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consulting patentanwalt Who is the owner of an invention made by an employee of a small and medium-sized enterprise? As the owner of this enterprise, what do I have to bear in mind? I will be pleased to find answers to these questions often brought to my attention. Questions like costs involved in building up an IP pool as well as which countries to be applied for and which filing strategy to follow – when does an European Patent Application make sense – I will be pleased to find answers to.


Technik und Maschinenbau - Beratung PatentanwaltIn my more than 20 years professional experience as a German and European patent attorney, I have been instructed by my clients to process a very large variety of inventions from the most diverse technical specialist fields, whether these be inventions from mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, physics or medical technology.

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costs patent attorney, Germany Asking for the costs of a patent application is one of the most often posed question ever during a consultation. Often this question is asked before it could be clarified that a patent is the appropriate IP right for the invention made and where – in a geographical sense – the IP right will be needed.

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Patentschutz München The company is in a good position, it has a patent for ...” Such or similar sentences can frequently be read in the business press, why? A patent is a monopoly right which gives the proprietor of the patent a right that only the proprietor may use the invention protected by the patent. The proprietor can also decide to grant a licence to the patent to a third party and receive income for this in the form of licence fees.

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Markenschutz und MarkenrechtTrademarks have a great influence on us all. No matter whether we are purchasing a product from daily life or need a new washing machine, we search for a product with the trademark which we are already familiar with and with which we have had good experiences.

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design protectionProducts are frequently shaped by means of the purely technically determined design in order to set the product apart from technically comparable other products. Ultimately it is the design which gives the consumer a first impression which the consumer feels addressed to him personally and this can be decisive for the purchase of the product.

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Utility Model

utility protectionThe utility model protects the technical features of an invention similarly to the patent which has the result that a utility model and a patent are frequently similar in structure. The protection requirements of the utility model are also similar to those of the patent. The utility model is therefore frequently designated as the small patent although there are significant differences from the patent.

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German and European Patent Attorney Mr. Udo Söllner has represented me most professionally and at a reasonable price when registering my new European Community trademark "MAZERO".

- Marion Zeller

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