Trademark, what for?

Brand loyalty

Trademarks are of great importance for us all. We all known that when purchasing a new car, a television or even only a toiletry article, we are guided by the good experiences which we have already had with products of “our” brand. If we require a subsequent product, we firstly look for a successor which comes from “our” brand.

We remember our brand, our brand has left a memory with us and we keep a lookout for a subsequent product of “our” brand. The calculation of marketing strategy has begun. From the large number of perhaps technically completely comparable products available, which therefore come into consideration, we have stayed with a product of “our” brand. We have remained loyal to “our” brand.

Trademarks can live “for ever”

The proprietor of “our” trademark has achieved his aim of standing out with the  - our - trademark from the other products on the market of comparable products. The trademark has therefore crucially influenced our purchase decision. And the reason why this functions so well is that a trademark can, as it were, “live for ever”.

Many of the trademarks familiar to us were registered decades ago for the proprietor of the trademark and specifically at the relevant patent office or trademark office, and these trademarks which have become so valuable are vehemently defended against “trademark pirates” who want to latch onto the good and well known reputation of the trademark.

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