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The appearance or design  of a product can be protected by an application at the Patent Office.

The fine difference in visual effect

Products are frequently shaped by means of the purely technically determined design in order to set the product apart from technically comparable other products. Ultimately it is the design which gives the consumer a first impression which the consumer feels addressed to him personally and this can be decisive for the purchase of the product.

It pays to protect your design!

The creation of an attractive design can be complex and expensive and thus an application for protection of the design offers a means for safeguarding the expenses involved in creating the design from the point of view of economics. Also, there are several possibilities for protection of a design which can be selected according to the particular need. Thus, a design protection is possible for individual countries, design protection can relate to the European Community and it is also possible to obtain protection for a design via an international application for other countries outside Europe.

Udo Söllner, LL.M., Patentanwalt

Advantages of the design right

The design right is an instrument used intensively by industry to distinguish itself from competitors on the market. If two products are technically comparable or perhaps even have identical properties, the design of the product frequently tips the balance for a decision to purchase by the purchaser or customer. The better design therefore creates the competitive advantage.

Your advantage through the protection of your design

The design right therefore secures an advantage over the competition. Internationally operating companies build themselves a dominant position in the market with the design right. This is also the reason why a design search is essential before introducing a new product on the market since even an  inadvertent use of someone else’s protected design is an infringement of someone else’s intellectual property.

The design right creates

  • a competitive advantage
  • a property right which exists for up to 25 years
  • an inexpensive property right
  • protection at home and abroad

Have a design protected with the assistance of a “design” attorney

I work out which type of application is the correct one in discussion with the applicant, that is you. Please get in contact with me.

Here you can find an example of my produce to create design protection for my clients.

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