Design protection within the European Union

If it has been shown in the course of drawing up the objectives, that protection of the design within the European Union EU is required, an application at the Office for Harmonization will serve the purpose, which after the application carries out an examination and registers the design.

A central application for your design allows a large sales market

Application for protection of a design in the European Union EU offers the advantage that with only ONE application, protection can be achieved in one area in which there is a very large group of customers for the corresponding products.

In precisely the same way as a design application before the German Patent and Trademark Office, a design application before the Office for Harmonization must also fulfil formal requirements which are examined by the office. In order that the design for which application is made serves as an effective property right for the proprietor or licensee after registration, the design must be new and it must satisfy the requirements of so-called uniqueness.

The infringement process

The adherence to these protection requirements is put to the test at the latest in the course of an infringement process. By means of a search for previously known property rights it can be identified which property right has already been applied for previously in the corresponding design area.

The exclusivity right for the proprietor resulting from the registration of the design has a maximum term of 25 years. Get in contact with me, I look forward to your design.

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