Trademark protection and trademark right with the assistance of a “Trademark Attorney”


Trademarks have weight and offer orientation

Trademarks have a great influence on us all. No matter whether we are purchasing a product from daily life or need a new washing machine, we search for a product with the trademark which we are already familiar with and with which we have had good experiences.

When purchasing a product or item, we are guided by the trademark which can comprise a product mark, a trademark or a company mark, therefore by the “name” which we remember, the “trademark” can significantly influence our purchase decision.

Udo Söllner, LL.M., Patent Attorney

Whether we do this intentionally or unintentionally, this results in success for the proprietor of the protected trademark. The proprietor of the trademark has been successful with his decision “I must protect my products with my trademark”.

A trademark well introduced on the market is a valuable asset for the trademark proprietor the basis of which is laid with the aforesaid decision to “apply for a trademark”. Just think of car marques which are known throughout the world...

The trademark right

The trademark right gives the proprietor of “his” trademark a comprehensive right not only to put up a defence against the use of an identical trademark by another market participant but also against the use of a designation which can be confused with “his” trademark. The trademark right therefore helps to keep competitors at a distance and thus secures the valuable vested rights of an introduced trademark.

The trademark right is an identification right and creates in the customer a brand loyalty since the customer usually associates with the trademark right a promise of the quality of the brand-name product .


Trademark application nationally and internationally

The trademark application can have the aim of obtaining a

  • - German trademark
  • - European trademark or Community trademark
  • - International trademark
  • - national trademark abroad.


In the area of trademark rights, conflicts of trademark rights are the order of the day and a large amount of technical knowledge and experience is required to resolve these. The application, the trademark search and particularly the official examination of a trademark are legally frequently demanding, particularly when the protectability of a trademark is questioned by the patent office.


The route to a successful trademark with the assistance of an experienced Munich patent and trademark attorney

I would be pleased to examine the question of which route can result in the creation of a valuable trademark by an intensive discussion with you as applicant of the trademark. Please get in contact with me.

Here you will find an example of my procedure to provide protection by a trademark for my clients.

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