Design Protection


The appearance or design of a product may be protected by an application to the Patent Office. As an experienced patent attorney I support you in this!


The fine difference in optics.

Products are often designed beyond the purely technical design in order to set the product apart from technically comparable other products. After all, it is the design that gives the consumer a first impression, that appeals to the consumer and that can also be decisive for the purchase of the product. Protecting your design pays off!

Designing an attractive design can be costly and time-consuming, and so an application to protect the design provides an economic means of securing the expenses associated with the design.

Udo Söllner, LL.M., Patent Attorney


There are also several options for protecting the design, which can be selected according to the respective requirements. For example, design protection is possible for individual countries, design protection can refer to the European Community and there is also the possibility of obtaining protection for design via an international application for other countries beyond Europe.

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