Why are industrial property rights meaningful?

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The development of a new technical product or a new technical process frequently requires major capital investment which must be refinanced by a long marketing of the new development.

If the development is marketed without having been protected beforehand by appropriate property rights, it will be imitated by third parties and the marketing and therefore the investment made will be jeopardized.

This is where industrial property rights come in, protecting the intellectual property of the inventor and preventing third parties from imitating or using the product or process without permission and thus arriving at inventions without having made them.

The new development can be protected by technical property rights such as a German Patent, a European Patent or also a foreign patent by an international patent application.

If the new development is characterized by a new design, a German, European or International design can be the correct one or a property right supplementing the protection by a patent.

The marketing of products or also services is more successful if characterized by a trademark, which has the purpose of distinguishing one’s own product and one’s own service from competitors on the market. A trademark which is successful here is a very valuable commodity and requires care, support and defence by a specialist.

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