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Every businessman has the right to obtain a competitive advantage which can be achieved through the properties of a trademark - trademark, what for? - and should do this to differentiate from his competitors.

The advice of a trademark attorney

A trademark application is preceded by a well-founded consultation for preparation, in which I precisely determine the aim of my client - which markets and countries they would like to reach with this. I then draw up a detailed list of those goods and services which are to be protected under the new trademark.

Trademark search by a trademark attorney

Before the trademark application is made, it should also be checked by means of a trademark search whether the planned trademark infringes existing earlier rights of third parties. The cost side of a trademark application should also be checked.

Once these steps have been carried out, the trademark application can be made at the relevant patent office or trademark office in each case. The office at which this takes place again depends on the aims which have been worked out with my client beforehand.

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Examination of the trademark application

Once the application for your trademark has been filed at the relevant patent office or trademark office, an examination takes place there to determine whether certain formal requirements and also protection requirements are satisfied. These requirements should already have been taken into account when preparing the application so that the trademark application successfully passes the examination process.

Protection requirements of the trademark

The protection requirements include, for example that the trademark for which application is made must not reproduce a property of the goods for which it is to be registered. In terms of trademark law it is said that the trademark must not have a descriptive character. The background for this is that otherwise the proprietor of the trademark could prohibit others from describing the property of the goods with “his” trademark, which has been excluded by the legislator.

In addition to this protection requirement, there are a number of other protection requirements to be satisfied so that your trademark application successfully passes the examination process. For this I am at your disposal with my experience as patent attorney and trademark attorney.

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